Downtown Revitalization

About the Downtown Revitalization Initiative

The City of Douglas is ready to initiate the implementation of our Downtown Revitalization Plan. The plan is a call to action for the revitalization and redevelopment of the downtown. The plan stresses the unique character of the downtown area and the variety of revitalization/redevelopment opportunities for it. Implementation of this plan will result in new development, employment and an increase in shoppers and sales.

Downtown Streetscape Master Plan

The design team is currently working on conceptual designs for the streetscape system, which may include street and sidewalk paving enhancements, lighting, on-street parking improvements, landscaping, shade canopies and structures, artwork, and alley improvements.  The project's intent is to develop a vibrant, active downtown for residents and visitors alike.  

​Conceptual Design Process

In October 2019, the City of Douglas held a community workshop where participants were asked to provide their opinions on a range of streetscape design elements and relevant considerations within a visual preference survey.  The purpose of the workshop was to help guide the direction of design elements into one that is supported by the community.  Meeting participants were asked to rank their preference regarding thirteen different streetscape elements.  In total, thirty surveys were completed and submitted for analysis. Survey results from the October 2019 community workshop can be found here.

The subsequent survey results and analysis was used to publish a Requested for Proposal for Downtown Streetscape Design Build in March 2020.  The contract was then awarded to J2 Engineering & Environmental Design (J2 Design) in November 2020.  The scope of work given to J2 was to develop a plan by determining and conceptually designing suitable projects that enhance the streetscape of the Douglas downtown area, focused along G Avenue between Pan American Boulevard and  5th Street. In addition, the scope of work includes the development of a 30% schematic design for the focus area.   Later, the focus area was changed along G Avenue between 9th and 12th Streets (G Avenue Focus Area) as well as along 10th Street from G Avenue to E Avenue.  

In March 2022, the City of Douglas, with J2 Design, hosted a public input meeting to gather feedback from the community on the conceptual designs that had been created through a collaborative public participation and outreach process through community stakeholder meetings.   In addition to the public meeting, the City of Douglas published a community survey with the intent to receive commentary on the conceptual streetscape design from residents unable to attend the public input meeting.  The responses from the event and survey were used to assess the applicability of innovations in urban design and potential streetscape improvements.  Survey responses can be found here.

Schematic Design

Following the March 2022 public meeting,  city officials met with J2 to discuss the commencement of the 30% schematic design for the G Avenue focus area.   The City of Douglas requested an estimate for 100% schematic design which allow the city to begin construction of the streetscape plan.   As the 100% schematic design was not part of the original scope of work,  city officials will seek direction on the streetscape plan from  Mayor and Council.  

More information coming soon!
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