Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is comprised of the men and women in uniform who are the backbone of the Department. Patrol Officers are the first responders to all calls for service and are responsible for initiating the majority of investigations. Patrol Officers also routinely participate in presentations throughout the community. The Patrol Division is staffed over three main shifts providing 24/7 response coverage.


Patrol is made up of 4 squads with each supervised by a sergeant:

Bike Patrol

The Douglas Police Department does not have a dedicated bike patrol unit. However, there are a number of bike certified officers who engage in bike patrol when staffing levels allow or when they are needed to address a specific problem within the community.

Traffic Division

The Traffic Division is currently comprised of one motorcycle officer and one police aide who are supervised by the Administrative Sergeant. The Traffic Division is responsible for traffic enforcement; accident investigation and reconstruction; special event planning and traffic control; and Post-Storage Hearings.

Special Response Team

The Douglas Police Department has a Special Response Team (SRT) comprised of officers from the Patrol and Investigations Division who serve part-time. The SRT is tactical team responsible for high-risk and emergency situations.