DPL's Mobile Print Service

The Douglas Public Library offers two types of printing services: on-site and mobile. On-site and mobile print service (MPS) costs are identical and depend on paper size and ink type (B/W or color):

$0.10 per 8 ½ x 11 b/w (LETTER)

$0.25 per 8 ½ x 11 color (LETTER)

$.15 per 8 ½ x 14 b/w (LEGAL)

$0.30 per 8 ½ x 14 color (LEGAL)

$0.50 per 11 x 17 b/w (POSTER)

$0.75 per 11 x 17 color (POSTER)

1. TO USE THE ON-SITE PRINT SERVICE IN THE DPL COMPUTER LAB, you must be assigned to a Computer Lab workstation by a library staff member. When you are ready to print, press the printer icon and follow instructions to pay for your prints and retrieve your print job from the Print Release Station. As always, if you have questions, please feel free to ask staff.

2. TO USE THE MOBILE PRINT SERVICE, you are free both to use your own network-capable device (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.), and to connect to any network, either DPL’s on-site "Library Guest" or any network in any location. Once connected, you’ll have three options:

A) Email your print job directly to the printer (B/W: dpl-print-bw@printspots.com; Color: dpl-print-color@printspots.com) and retrieve it by typing the email address you supplied at the Print Release Station in the Library Computer Lab.

B) Connect to DPL’s Mobile Printing web site and follow the instructions provided. Be sure to include your email address to receive your document release code. Bring the code to the Computer Lab to retrieve your print job at the Print Release Station.

C) Use the PrinterOn app by downloading it from your device’s "store" and installing it on your device. Use DPL’s zip code (85607) to search for our printers, select your preferred paper size and ink type, locate the document or image you wish to print on your device (or in the cloud), follow the app’s instructions to print, and retrieve your job at the Print Release Station.

3. TO SEE MORE DETAILED INFORMATION, or to learn how to print a boarding pass, or to see what types of file formats PrinterOn can handle, read How to Use DPL’s Mobile Print Service here