Mayor Robert Uribe

Term Expires: June 2020

About Robert

Robert Uribe is the 31st Mayor of Douglas. He is the youngest elected official to serve our community, in addition to being the first Afro-Latino. Robert Uribe was born in the Dominican Republic on June 8, 1984 and immigrated to the United States in 1990. Robert and his younger brother Kendal were raised by their mother, Elsa Uribe, in New York City.

Professional Work

Mr. Uribe worked as a youth educator in Manhattan until he and his family moved to Arizona in 2005. Robert continued working with children as a coach at Phoenix Country Day School. In 2010 Robert met his wife, a Douglas native, Jenea who was completing her education at Arizona State University (ASU). The couple immediately began their entrepreneurial journey with the creation of an online boutique. In 2012, the couple moved to Douglas and opened Galiano's Café, the only neighborhood coffee shop in town. From that point on, the duo has immersed themselves in the binational arts and cultural scene of Douglas and Agua Prieta, Mexico. 

For the 36th Annual Governor's Arts Awards, Mr. Uribe and his wife won the small business category. Out of 91 cities in the state of Arizona, Galiano's Café in Douglas was nominated and won the award. Due to the Mayor's commitment to primarily focus on moving the city forward, Mr. Uribe and his wife are no longer operating the café, they have passed the baton to new owners. 

Mr. Uribe loves spending time with his wife and three children and is excited to lead the City of Douglas community to a prosperous future.