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The Water Services Division maintains and operates the city's water supply and infrastructure. We deliver quality services to residents by using the latest technology and anticipating future needs. The department is comprised of a team of technical and administrative personnel dedicated to providing excellent service and providing residents with a high quality of life. 

Water Conservation Tips

To assist in conserving water, residents could focus on the following; 

  • Plant low-water use and drought-tolerant grasses, shrubs, and trees
  • Group plants according to their water needs
  • Minimize grass areas
  • Check hoses, connectors, and spigots regularly
  • Install a water-efficient irrigation system
  • Adjust sprinklers so only the landscape is watered
  • Adjust watering schedules to the season
  • Shut off automatic watering systems when it rains

Douglas AMA

An Active Management Area or AMA is an area within the state that is subject to certain statutory and administrative regulations regarding the withdrawal and use of any water other than stored water withdrawn from a well. For more information on the Douglas AMA, visit:  
Douglas AMA FAQs  


The Wastewater & Sewer Services division collects and treats domestic sewage and wastewater, which is vital to public health and clean water. It is among the most critical factors responsible for general good health. Sewers collect wastewater from homes, businesses, and industries and deliver it to wastewater treatment facilities before discharge.

Collection Systems

Separate Sanitary Sewers

A significant type of domestic sewer design is sanitary sewers. Sanitary sewers are installed to collect wastewater only and do not provide widespread drainage for large amounts of runoff from precipitation events. However, sanitary sewers are typically built with some allowances for higher flows when excess water enters the collection system during storm events.

Sanitary sewers that are not watertight due to cracks, faulty seals, or improper connections can receive large amounts of infiltration, and inflow can cause sanitary sewer overflows and operational problems such as blockages, equipment failures, broken pipes, or vandalism.

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