Handling Bees in Douglas

Bees are our neighbors and a vital part of our ecosystem. Bees pollinate plants which we and animals eat. Without bees the world's food supply could collapse. For this reasons the Douglas Fire Department has changed its policy towards bees in the last few years. Douglas Fire Department now strives to handle as many calls about bees as we can without killing them.

We understand that bees can be scary and they are dangerous to be around for people who are allergic, or who find themselves too close to a hive. But by paying attention and understanding the following guidelines, we can all help ensure that our food chain remains intact:
  • If you see a group of bees resting on a branch (or anywhere else) leave it alone. If the bees are just sort of setting there and not actively flying around then they are likely just resting.These bees are low on energy and are protecting their queen. If you stay away from them, they will stay away from you. If it is a public area, call the Douglas Police department 520-417-7550). They will let the fire department know and we can come out and mark off the area for people to stay away.
  • If there is a hive on your property you will need to contact a bee keeper or exterminator to remove the hive. A partial list of bee keepers and exterminators can be found here.
  • If bees start flying at you turn around and walk away quickly. This is called "bumping" and it's bees warning that you are too close to something (usually a hive or the queen). Swatting the bees only causes more bees to come and will also likely cause them to start stinging.
  • If someone is stung and is having a reaction to the sting call 911.
  • If you do find yourself getting stung, run away and try to get inside. Call 911.
  • If you aren't sure what to do, we are always happy to talk to you or come out and assess your situation, call us at 520-417-7371.