Can I get my vehicle back before the 30 days are up?
Under certain limited circumstances, you may be able to have the vehicle returned to you prior to the end of the 30-day period. In some cases this may require a Post Storage Hearing. Post Storage hearing are done on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., excluding holidays. You may be eligible to have the vehicle released early only if you meet one of the following conditions or circumstances:
- If the owner presents satisfactory proof that the owner's driving privilege has been reinstated. (Note: if this applies to you, bring proof to the Douglas Police Department that your license is now valid.)
- If the vehicle was reported stolen at the time it was impounded,
- If the vehicle is subject to bailment under ARS 28-3511(A)(2) and was driven by an employee of a business establishment including a parking service or repair garage.
- If all of the following apply: the owner or owner's agent was not the person driving in violation at the time of the impoundment, and the owner or the owner's agent is in the business of renting motor vehicles without drivers, and the vehicle is registered pursuant to ARS 28-2166.

In certain situations, the spouse of the owner may also enter into an agreement with the Douglas Police Department stating they will not let a driver arrested for Driving on Suspended or No Valid License, Extreme or Aggravated D.U.I. or a minor in possession of alcohol to drive the vehicle within 1 year. If the agreement is violated, there is no relief available from the 30 day impound period within the next year. In addition, the vehicle may be released to the lien holder or repossession agent identified on the M.V.D. record before the end of the 30 days. Get more information about
Post Storage Hearings for ARS 28-3511.

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