Government Agency Incentives

Many government agencies offer incentives for doing business within their community and state. You should check with your local economic development organization to learn if they have programs to assist you. Some of these may include the following.

Infill Incentive Districts

If your business will be located in Douglas historic Downtown Business District, it may be eligible for the waiver or reduction of certain fees and requirements. The Downtown Business District Infill Incentive encourages development and redevelopment in the area of Douglas located west of 6th – 16th Street, on G and F Avenue. To learn more, contact the City of Douglas Economic Development Department at 520-417-7307.

Tax Incentives

This can include property tax reductions, user and utility tax discounts and retail sales tax rebates.

Energy Incentives

If you are buying new equipment, many utility companies provide rebates for purchasing energy saving equipment. Visit the Sulphur Springs Valley Cooperative Inc. website for more information.

State Enterprise Programs

Some areas in Arizona, have Enterprise Zones. These are areas designated for additional state credits for such things as sales tax credits, quicker depreciation allowances, credits for hiring displaced workers, and an increased Net Operating Loss (NOL) carry forward allowance.

Foreign Trade Zones

If you are importing and/or exporting materials from overseas, you may be located or able to add your present location into a Foreign Trade Zone.

By being within the Zone, your business can qualify for:
  • Duty Deferral Duty Elimination on Waste, Scrap, and Yield Loss
  • Duty Exemption on Re-Exports
  • Relief From Inverted Tariffs
Find more information on the Foreign-Trade Zone Resource Center.