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1. Get a Library Card - Can I use the Douglas library if I don't have a Douglas library card?
2. Do you speak Spanish?
3. Be a Volunteer - I'd like to volunteer! When can I start?
4. Be a Volunteer - Do I need any special knowledge or skill to volunteer at the Library?
5. Programs & Events - How can I learn about the library's programs and events?
6. Programs & Events - Does it cost anything to attend library events or to sign up for the Summer Reading Program?
7. Computers & Internet - Can I use my own laptop, iPad, or other device? What about printing?
8. Computers & Internet Tutorials - I don't know much about computers. Where should I start?
9. Computers & Internet Tutorials - How many tutoring sessions can I sign up for, and how much will it cost?
10. Documents & Forms - Does it matter if I print the form and submit it instead of completing it online?
11. Documents & Forms - Help! I'm not quite sure how to complete some sections of this form!
12. Find a Book or Movie (Search the Catalog) - Is there a charge for borrowing library materials?
13. Find a Book or Movie (Search the Catalog) - How do I request an item from an out-of-state library?
14. Friends of the Douglas Public Library - How much time per week would I need to volunteer?
15. Friends of the Douglas Public Library - Does it cost anything to join the Friends?
16. Get a Library Card - What should I bring to apply for a library card?
17. Meeting Rooms & Library Tours - Are your meeting rooms equipped with network access, computers, or projectors?
18. Meeting Rooms & Library Tours - How far in advance should I schedule a group tour or the use of a meeting room?
19. Online Research - Can I search the library's databases from home?
20. Online Research - Does it cost anything to search the library's databases?
21. Recently Added Titles - What if the Douglas library doesn't have a book or movie I'd like to borrow?
22. Recently Added Titles - Do you take donations?