Computer and Internet Use Policies

The Douglas Public Library provides access to a variety of electronic resources in order to offer customers a wide range of information. This access is proved free and shall be consistent with the Library’s goals, policies and procedures, and with applicable local, state and federal laws. Users of these resources are required to conduct themselves in an ethical and legal manner. Failure to do so may result in loss of library privileges and/or may have legal consequences.

Computer equipment and software must be used as installed. Arizona law (ARS 13-2316) prohibits damaging, destroying, or altering without authorization any computer or electronic equipment. Users downloading o a disk should be aware that although library computers are equipped with anti-virus software, they are not completely protected from viruses.

The Library provides limited access to resources available on the Internet. The Internet is a global electronic information network not regulated by any local, state, or international authority. Therefore, even with filters installed, some of the information found there may be controversial, offensive, erroneous, or illegal. The library cannot assume responsibility for the content and/or accuracy of information fond on the Internet. However, because of the Library’s concern for a safe educational internet experience for children, minor children should be supervised during their use of the library’s Internet resources. Parents, not library staff, are responsible for monitoring their children’s use of the Internet and other electronic information resources.

To ensure that electronic resources of the Douglas Public Library are used only for legal purposes, the following citations of use shall apply:

  • Users shall not employ the library’s computer to access or display explicit sexual material (ARS 13-3501, ARS 13-3506-8)
  • Users shall not employ the Library’s computers with an attempt to defraud (ARS 13-3707)
  • Users shall not cause damage to equipment, software or databases through abusive or destructive behavior. (ARS 13-2316)
  • Unauthorized copying of copyright-protected materials is prohibited. (US Code, Title 17)
  • All users are advised that transaction logs and nay other information that can be used to identify a user with specific files or data are considered to be confidential and shall not be divulged to anyone except the user pursuant to ARS-41-1354.

(Effective: May 8, 2013)

The Douglas Public Library provides access to the Internet via public access computers and wireless service. Access to the Internet is provided as an integral part of the Library’s research, education, and information services, and the Library upholds and affirms the right of adults to have access to constitutionally-protected materials. All customers are expected to use the Internet in a manner consistent with these purposes and with respect and consideration of other library users.

The City supports the application of Internet filters in accordance with state and federal laws. Per ARS 34-502, the Douglas Public Library will provide Internet filters to both its wireless system as well as its public computers that prevent minors from gaining access to visual depictions of child pornography, material that is harmful to minors, or obscene, and that prevent anyone from gaining access to visual depictions of child pornography or that are obscene.

The Douglas Public Library provides internet access to all patrons, regardless of their membership status with the library. Library cards will have one of two designations: internet access granted and internet access denied. All card holders and visitors that are 18 years or older will be automatically designated as having internet access granted, either through their library card or via a temporary pass. With written permission of a parent or legal guardian, access will also be granted to patrons or visitors who are 17 years old or younger. No patron under age 18 will be granted access to the library’s public computers without written parent or guardian permission.

The library is not responsible for policing access to the wireless internet system, as it is open to anyone with a wireless device.

Patrons may request that a website blocked by the Library’s filters be unblocked by following the procedure as specified by the Library Director, provided said site(s) do not violate state or federal laws. The Director will develop and enforce these procedures, which will be posted in a conspicuous location within the library and may be viewed by the public at any time. The Request for Reconsideration of Access to a Website is located in the appendix (5.01 Figure 1)

The Douglas Public Library cannot control the resources on the Internet even through the use of filtering software. No Internet filter is 100% effective. A filter may still allow information that is objectionable or potentially offensive to children to be accessed. The Director will develop a complaint procedure, and will periodically review the effectiveness of the filtering software with the City’s technical staff.

In accordance with ARS 34-502, this policy will be reviewed by the Douglas City Council every three years.

Small Computer Room Usage

  • Computers are for adult use only.
  • If you are under 18 you will be logged off and reassigned to a different section. When a library program is being conducted, children under the age of 18 are permitted to use the computers.
  • Only one person per computer, unless patrons are working on a project.

Computer Guidelines

1. All users must have a library-card.

2. Users are permitted to save files to the local hard drive at their own risk. The library is not responsible if any files are lost, stolen, or deleted.

3. Users are responsible for their own possessions and belongings. The library is not responsible for personal items that are lost or stolen.

4. The consumption of foods and beverages, including bottled water, is prohibited.

5. The computer area is a quiet area. Please silence all cell phones while in the library. Set cell phone on vibrate mode. Failure to comply will result in a staff asking you to leave.

6. If any computer equipment malfunctions, users should not attempt to repair it. Please notify staff immediately.

7. Users are not allowed to print on specialty paper. Printing on specialty papers may jam or severely damage the printer.

8. Users are prohibited from installing software on any computer.

9. Users will be given basic assistance, guidance, and basic troubleshooting help with technical problems.

10. It is the responsibility of every user to ensure that the computers are not being abused, damaged, or used in a manner other than what it is intended for. All abuse will be immediately reported to the Library Director.

11. The computer lab is for those who are 13 years old and older.


  • All paper used in laser printer(s) must be laser printer compliant. Special hand-made papers or unusual non-laser type paper are not permitted.
  • Users who need multiple copies of a document must use a photocopying machine for duplication of documents. Coin-operated photocopiers are available in the Library.
  • Users are urged to use the “print preview” command before submitting a print job. Blank pages that appear in the “print preview” result should be deleted before the print job is sent.
  • Users should notify library staff if the printer has failed to respond correctly after the first print command. If users have submitted an incorrect print job, they should notify the staff to attempt cancelling the job.
  • For color printing, ask staff to assist you.


  • Internet service shuts off automatically 15 minutes before closing time.
  • Users should be ready to leave at the posted closing time.

Computer Usage

Library staff does reserve the right to refuse extending time on the computer. For example, staff can refuse extend time when computers are all occupied.